Benefits of software quality management

Software quality management is the process of managing the quality of software and maintaining software quality also known as software quality assurance ( assurance is most important factor.

Management of a software is concerned with ensuring the required level of quality is achieved in software development process involves defining appropriate standard and ensuring that these are followed.

Benefits of software quality management

  1. Increase the productivity of products
  2. Decrease cost of the work
  3. Defects are found earlier during software development lifecycle process
  4. Increase credibility of the management department
  5. Build confidence of clients in software Development Company

Customer satisfaction

Main purpose of assurance or management is the satisfaction of your client unsatisfied client can bring up negative effects on your company it’s important to assure the quality of project according to the expectations of your clients positive feedbacks can boost up your productivity and increase you profit (

Testing efficiency

To ensure the quality of products increase the efficiency of testing software projects by following these steps;

Test at the right time

Improve testing

Innovations in testing

Reviewing your reviews

Measure importance of quality testing

Test quality benchmarks

Made test frameworks

Tools of software quality management

These tools are necessary for assurance process

  1. Selenium
  2. Robot framework
  3. Appium
  4. Jmeter
  5. Jenkins
  6. Postman
  7. Firebug
  8. Gitlab
  9. Trello
  10. UI automater


In the end quality management is work of quality assurance team who make sure the software follows all the quality standards set by the organization and ready for final testing after going through from final testing process quality assurance team make sure that product will be deliver to client within the given time using certain tools and techniques which are important for measuring the software quality issues.

Taking your staff and management on-board is really important in product management you have work through with them guide them or monitor them by over checking and maintaining the testing process and reviewing their reviews to be absolute sure the product is completely tested and ready to deliver.